Video: A Winter Hike In Parfrey’s Glen

Here’s a bit of video from my Monday morning hike into Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area. I realize a lot of folks never get the chance to visit Parfrey’s Glen in winter, let alone without anyone else in the glen with you. It’s always special when you get the opportunity to go at your own pace and linger wherever your attention is captured. If you’ve never roamed Parfrey’s Glen alone in the winter.. I hope one day you’ll get the chance!



  1. Jon

    I’ve come to the conclusion this year that winter may be my favorite season for hiking in the Baraboo Hills. Glad you’re promoting this awesome area, we’re lucky to have these resources.

  2. Nancy

    Hi Derrick, Touristing from Northern Mich. and I am interested in some day hiking. Would you suggest this trail…it looks beautiful or do you have some other recommendations? Nancy

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