Critter Cams Update – Because Sharing is Caring!

Critter Cams Update – Because Sharing is Caring!

We’re adding two new critter cams to our collection.  I’ll tell more about the new cams in a moment, but let me catch you up;

The Back Story

On November 18th, 2015 we put out our first Skillet Creek Critter Cam at Devil’s Lake State Park. I’d like to say we were looking for Bigfoot, but really.. we just wanted to see what critters we could find around the park and share them with you.  (Well, maybe I was looking for Bigfoot.)  Our first capture was the young buck below. Of course critter cams are addictive and soon we added a second camera.

Deer, Devil's Lake State Park

Our First Critter Cam Catch, 2015

About The Project

Well, as some of you know, my wife is the naturalist at Devil’s Lake State Park. She soon realized that the critter cams would be a great way to engage with kids, park lovers and folks just curious to see what’s out there. So I shared my pics with the nature center as well. It wasn’t long before, with the generous grant from Whitetails Unlimited, she had 2 more cams out within the park. So with 4 to 5 cams between us, we’ve caught some fun shots and shared them with thousands of park fans, visitors and enthusiasts since 2015. How cool is that!?

Now this is worth noting… Even a fun little thing like “critter cams” takes effort, generosity and money from a variety of sources. Our parks are held together by donations, volunteerism and partnerships between businesses, friends groups, family members, local governments, DNR staff & private citizens. We don’t always have to agree, but we do have our parts to play. When people don’t understand that, you just want to set the racoon of anarchy on them. AND I know where he lives! ‘Nuff said 🙂

The New Cameras

So, we found ourselves needing to load up on some new cameras recently, which got me looking at the newer trail cameras out there. We currently have 2 different Moultrie Cams. One old flash model & one newer IR version. Both are doing a good job, in fact, our best producing camera (the one with the pic above) is a Moultrie. It only failed once under 2 days of constant rain. Having read a variety of reviews, this time I decided to buy 2 Stealth Cam G42NG cameras. The big selling point is that they are still under $200 with a half-second trigger speed and 42 black IR emitters that won’t spook the critters.

 So stay tuned… We’re hoping our next Critter Cam Update will have more critters… We’re still waiting for the Bear & The Wolf… 🙂

Lastly, if you find the Critter Cams fun and interesting, you may want to look into enrolling in the Wisconsin DNR’s Snapshot Wisconsin Program. Check out the details right here… See you soon!

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  1. maryw

    Thank u for shareing,,,when I rehabbed,,,raccoons were the best,,cutest babies,and playful..I know 1 person use to ,”freak,” when I wouldy,,I played w/a raccoon,,,I had a permit,,,,They would say,,,rabies,”Well rabiephobs,,if u actually look up in wisconsin raccoons carrying rabies,,,THERE ARE NONE!!!,,U HAVE YOUR BATS 1ST,SKUNKS,,FOXES ,, but coonies are no-where to be found in wisco history of rabies,,and it is fact,,,thee only way u actually can get rabies is if u are bit when the critter is in thee LAST stage of rabies,..There was a girl who was soo rabiephobed she thought if any critter was out during the day,or came 1/2 up to u,,it had rabies,,Not..Now ,, is everyones breeding time,,critter wise,,,Once Ma’s give birth,babies are very very near sighted,just like human babies..All wild babies mammals are,,,Their typical ma’s,,,if the kids are asleep,,and it’s 1 in thee afternoon,,,she will sneak out in broad daylight to get herself some needed water and munchies,,U know once I realized I was never above any critter,,but its equal,,I started understood their behaviors were very similier to ours…..jmo,,maryw

  2. Author

    Hi Mary,

    Thank’s for your comments. I hear what you’re saying.. but we should be clear that when someone sees a sick raccoon, one out in the public, especially during daylight hours and not showing fear.. they need to stay away and call authorities.

    I’d also like to clarify that rabies testing in bats is done in a way that produces high rabies results simply because of the sampling method. Also, bats don’t fly into anyone’s hair, nor-do they attack people. These days we have to be very cautious about what we say when it comes to wildlife as I’m sure you know.

    1. maryw

      Understandably,,however,,,who was it that said,,,how someone treats animals is a good indication on how humane society is?????When we see some demonize animals because they ,”claim,” they hit or beat it to death w/a baseball bat because they think ALLLLL raccoons carry rabies,,,which i am sure u have seen and heard,,animals being cruelly treated because of ignorance,,,ie,,my info,,I just wanted the truth to be told,,,Bats ,,only 5 times in 50 years I believe,,then skunks,,I think a colony up in 1 county up north bout 20 years ago,,and like 2 foxes in over 60 years,,,,never a coony yet,,in recorded history,,just tryen to get the truth out there Derrick,,,,I am learning your common sense of just let her be,,,if u see a Mama coony out during the day,,,usually u will see Mama’s teats,, ,,,,getten some nutrition,,,,u r correct,,,,leave her bee,,,,,,,but some idiots kill her,,,because of this ignorance alllll raccoons carry rabies,,thats a bold face lie,,,no mammal is born w/rabies,,,the mothers WILL DIE,,thus do her babies,,,but again Derrick,,jmo,,,common sense sadly I am learning is a TAUGHT quality,,,,not a given in all of us,,,sadly,,,maryw

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