The Air Is Warm, The Trails Are Nasty

The Air Is Warm, The Trails Are Nasty

After two days of rain and now warming temperatures, the trails around Devil’s Lake State Park are getting pretty nasty.  Most trails are ice-covered where they have been walked on and as of today there is still some snow in sections of the trails. I certainly wouldn’t recommend skiing or even snowshoeing on the trails until we get a good snowfall.  You can still snowshoe in some wooded areas today but things are deteriorating quickly.  Well, by deteriorating, I mean temps are forecast hit 50f by Saturday.  (I’m not sure that’s deteriorating by everyone’s standards!)

If you plan on going on any of park trails for the next few days, ice cleats should be worn for your safety.

Below is quick photo from my hike in the park this morning. As you can see, the stream is just starting to flow!

Along The Stream - Devil's Lake State Park


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