DNR Proposes Canoe/Kayak Reg Fees & More!

DNR Proposes Canoe/Kayak Reg Fees & More!

Various regional news outlets are reporting that in addition to raising camping & park sticker fees at some parks, that in a report released today, the DNR is also proposing fee increases for hunting and fishing as well as implementing a registration fee for kayaks and canoes. I’d expect kayak rental fees at the park and elsewhere would then go up as well. In addition new fees are proposed for visiting State Natural Areas as well. $5 to visit Parfrey’s Glen? Would they use the money to put the trail back? How about creating a proper trail at Pewit’s Nest? Without LE rangers, who will enforce the fees?

One thing is sure, when you start tallying all the proposed new fees & hikes together, “Get Outdoors!” is going to get expensive!

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New DNR fees under Walker could stick it to just about everyone
Disclaimer: And of course, my crazy opinions are my own and often caused by too many hours of isolation in the deep dark woods. My posts certainly don’t represent the opinions of the Wisconsin DNR or any other group, organization or book club.

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  1. Jonah Westrich

    I can understand charging a bit more for using maintained facilities like campgrounds, restrooms, and trails, or taking fish from the lake – but to charge for floating a kayak or canoe in the water is ridiculous. What’s next? Charging people to bring cameras into the park?

    1. Author

      Cameras? That would be the bit where the DNR is suggesting licensing Trademarks for Park Buildings and Landmarks… Imagine not being able to say “Devil’s Doorway” on an image of Devil’s Doorway or paying an additional fee to the trademark holder for a photographic representation of “Balanced Rock” 🙁

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