Snowshoeing Mirror Lake’s Echo Rock Trail

Snowshoeing Mirror Lake’s Echo Rock Trail

Mirror Lake State Park’s Echo Rock Trail is a fun, beautiful & short, beginner snowshoe trail.  The half-mile long trail features an overlook of the lake, some interesting sandstone formations, a deep gorge and if you’re lucky, some picturesque ice floes as well.

The Echo Rock Trail at Mirror Lake State Park starts off from the back end of boat landing parking area, however on the day we went to check it out we wanted to expand our hike a bit and started from the park’s beach parking area. By starting out there and including the Lakeview Trail which is also designated for snowshoeing, you can stretch your total hike to about a mile. For first timers this will be just about right. You can extend your experience further by looping around on the Sandstone Trail as well. Click here for the trail map.

The designated snowshoe trails at Mirror Lake seem to be groomed at least once after measurable snowfalls. This makes it easier for some folks, but also means the trails are well used by hikers and dog walkers. (Watch Your Step!)  Snowshoes will help beginners over the icy tracks, while seasoned snowshoers will probably not be thrilled by the trail conditions after a few days of use and would be happier if they catch the trail right after a good snowfall. Still, everyone will enjoy the easy, fairly level path & great scenery including Echo Rock and walking the 10-foot wide by 155-foot long pedestrian Ishnala bridge. (Just keep in mind that snowshoes are not allowed on the Ishnala ski trail itself.)

Ishnala bridge

10-foot wide by 155-foot long pedestrian Ishnala bridge.

When we visited on December 30th we found lots of amazing ice floes on the sandstone outcrops near the boat launch and a few on Echo Rock itself.  While the trail is certainly “kid friendly”, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the young ones around Echo Rock itself.  You can’t help but want to walk around, but there is a drop off on the backside that slopes down to the lake below.

Again, beginners strapping on their snowshoes for the first time will find the Echo Rock trail an easy and beautiful introduction into snowshoeing!

Mirror Lake State Park Hike, Snowshoe & Ski Events

Mark your calendars for upcoming Mirror Lake State Park Hike, Snowshoe & Ski events coming up, January 7th and February 4th, (Saturdays) 2017 from 6 pm to 8 pm. 

The Park will have 2, easy 1-mile trails lit by torches. The Friends of Mirror Lake State Park will have refreshments to enjoy around the roaring bonfires. A 2017 Wisconsin State Park Admission Stickers is required to park for the event and can be purchased after December 1st at the Park Office. 

 Call 608-254-2333 for details or visit

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