Just Brutal

Just Brutal

It was a frosty -6 degrees at the park this morning!  Nothing like a bit of bitter cold before another snowstorm rolls in!

I pulled into the park’s south shore day-use area around 8 am this morning. This time of year only a small section of south shore parking lot is plowed on the north-end near the East Bluff.  From here the brave & the foolhardy can access the Balanced Rock trail as well as the Grottos which is a much safer trail along the foot of the bluffs. (More parking is open on the north shore!)

The park’s trails are snow covered, slippery and pretty tracked up by hikers. This means hiking without snowshoes will be a tiring experience for sure.  Where the snow hasn’t been walked upon yet, there is a frozen layer covering the softer snow below. Again, walking through this stuff is a work out.

Our weekend weather is looking nice or nasty depending on your point of view. Southern Wisconsin is under a Winter Storm Warning and we are expecting up to another 10 inches of snow in the Devil’s Lake Region Friday, Dec 16 through Sat 17th. This doesnt bode well for the Christmas Bird Count, you may want to call ahead if in doubt. If you do decide to brave the weather, do not expect park roads or parking lots to be cleared during or right after heavy snowfalls, especially in outlying areas. If they are, great.. but don’t plan on it.

Have fun, Be safe!

Frozen Winter Morning at Devil's Lake

Frozen Winter Morning at Devil’s Lake



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