Dec. 6 Trail Report

Dec. 6 Trail Report

After Sunday’s snowfall and a couple of days worth of hikers, the trails vary from dry to wet to ice covered and slippery. Yeah, anything! It really depends on where you are, the amount of sun and the time of day right now. (The spot shown in the picture above is on the West Bluff trail and is pretty tricky to navigate right now!)

Given that the trails can be anywhere from dry to wet to icy, I’d recommend boots that will keep your feet dry at minimum. Traction aids might come in handy as well (Click here for a selection from REI), Especially on the high bluff trails.  In some lowland areas you find that nice icy mud as well, so again boots are better than tennis shoes!

Generally there is not enough snow at the moment for snowshoeing.

This time of year, dressing in layers of wicking clothing is important. When temps hang around the 30s, you’re cold when you start and warm up soon. I usually carry a small backpack to put my coat & hat in when I warm up. Once you slow down or as evening comes on, you will get cold again and want to put your outer layers back on!  Be sure to take a snack and water with you on your hikes. Remember, your body works harder in cold weather! If you’re out more than 2 hours, you can easily get dehydrated in cold weather as well. A little preparation makes for a better day out on the trails!

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