Winter Has Come to Devil’s Lake!

Video – Yesterday’s snowfall has finally brought Winter to Devil’s Lake State Park & the Baraboo Hills region! Anxious to get out and enjoy the snow, we took a family hike up the East Bluff out to Devil’s Doorway and back. I produced a quick video, just a little over a minute, while we were out there (Above).

OK, I hear what you’re asking… Can we get out and snowshoe?  Well,  you probably could get out with your snowshoes now but the snow isn’t really that deep. You’ll still risk bending your cleats on hard trails and rocky areas. Personally, I’d wait a bit before getting out the snowshoes.  It looks like the next snowfall will be this weekend.  A couple more inches would do the trick! Remember, you can borrow snowshoes FREE from the Nature Center at Devil’s Lake State Park starting Jan 1, 2017.  (I’m told that when the nature center is open before then (which is pretty limited), you can still get snowshoes.)  For more information on snowshoeing in the park, click here. 

Of course, I do need to remind everyone that hiking up on top of the bluffs in winter comes with some risk. Rocks are slippery, some falls are not survivable, trails can be harder to find and it can get pretty cold and windy up there as well.  Rescues if needed, will not come quickly. Be smart.


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