Critter Cam Check!

Critter Cam Check!

It’s December already, and I realized that I haven’t posted a critter cam check in a while!  One reason for not posting recently is that nearly every critter cam was down for nearly 2 months!  Just a lesson, that we need to check the cameras more often!

Critter Cam, Deer, Devil's Lake State Park

Critter Cam, Deer, Devil’s Lake State Park

The trio of white-tailed deer (Check out the fawn in the middle!), were about the last capture we got before the cameras went out. Our best guess is that a long patch of heavy rains caused moisture to get into the cameras. Something that shouldn’t happen.  In the end, we had to completely reset the cameras. We found after the resets, that the batteries weren’t drained, but replaced them nonetheless.

The deer were captured by a camera we now call the “Chupacabra Cam” as its first capture was an animal that we had to go to the professionals to identify.  Even they struggled to agree…

Around the same time, at “Bear Cam” we got these turkeys!  Um, you guessed it.. “Bear Cam” is looking for bears…

Turkeys Devil's Lake State Park

With the cameras back up and running in November we started to get back into the swing. With more deer, foxes, raccoons, coyote, opossum and even a house cat.

What’s truly amazing about the critter cam project is the fresh sense of awareness you feel toward the wildlife in the park. It’s one thing to know wildlife “exists” in the park. It’s another to see them living out their lives day in and day out in the small patches of “wild” land still left for them.  You can’t help but feel more connected.

*Some shots provided by the Devil’s Lake State Park Nature Center.


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