Wind! (Video)

In advance of a temperature drop of over 30F, Wind gusts on Friday evening, estimated around 40 mph, stirred the lake and buffeted the bluffs at Devil’s Lake State Park. Of course, that’s exactly the sort of weather has me rushing outside to take it all in!

Oh, and don’t think that I was the only crazy person up on the bluff. I actually passed a few hikers along the East Bluff Trail. True, they were mostly escaping down the bluff as the wind increased, but not everyone! In fact, I ran into these guys (Below) up at Devil’s Doorway. They were out to get in one last scramble up the boulder fields before winter set in. It’s always great to meet people out on the bluffs in nasty weather. It’s like a club where we all share the same secret. We don’t even have to say a word. We just look at each other and smile ear to ear, because we know that inside we’re all saying, “THIS ROCKS!”

Visiting Devil's Lake State Park


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