SPRA Revised Plan, Dogs, Motorbikes & Rockets

SPRA Revised Plan, Dogs, Motorbikes & Rockets

The revised draft master plan and final environmental impact statement for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area (WDNR portion of Badger) was (interestingly) dropped on election day. Once you recover from the stress of the elections, you can read the revised plan here.

This new “revised” plan will be presented to the Natural Resources Board at their December 14, 2016 meeting in Madison. For more information on how to comment or participate click here.

I would expect that the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance & the Citizens for Safe Water Around Bager will have comments soon.

For my part, I’ll go back to my original position. (You can read my full comments here.) It is my opinion that WDNR simply lacks the ability to fund, restore, protect or even patrol the SPRA in any real way. Until these issues are solved, the rest is just cart before the horse.

***Obligatory Disclaimer:  This website is NOT associated with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The views expressed in this blog are mine and do not represent the views of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Which is sometimes too bad if you ask me!).



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  1. mary

    Hey what about a environmental impact study on that route 12 b.s. and destroying our natural resource,,,jmo,,,thats my new terminology for dnr,,Destroying Natural Resource,,D.N.R.,,,,I swear everyone I talked to who lives down by route 12 on that curve hates what their doing to the forest, the woods,,all of it w/that route 12 construction by Badger Ammunition and north,,,oh and lets not forget the ,”swimming hole,,[not a swimming hole,]],,,mary

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