Improved View of Devil’s Doorway!

Improved View of Devil’s Doorway!

Photographers, selfie takers and all park visitors will have a better view of Devil’s Lake State Park’s iconic Devil’s Doorway rock formation now that a bit of long overdue pruning has been completed.

Last evening, along with the park naturalist, I hiked up to Devil’s Doorway to remove a couple of trees that have slowly been growing in front of, and obscuring the view of the park’s number one landmark. It was sad, in a way, to have to take down a nice poplar and an otherwise healthy oak tree. However, preserving the aesthetics of the park are just as important as preserving the trails and the environment as whole. As you can see in the pic below, their removal certainly opened things up!

Devil's Doorway Before & After

It seems that as times change it will fall more and more upon volunteers, lovers of the park and folks dedicated to public service to keep our public lands healthy and beautiful. Removing these trees was an easy, albeit a bit scary, cliff-side task that only took a couple of hours of time, but can make a big difference for thousands of people each year who make the challenging ascent up the bluffs to enjoy that iconic Devil’s Doorway view.

Oak Removal Devil's Lake State Park

Park Naturalist Taking A Turn at the Saw!

There is always a lot that needs to be done at the park and never enough hands to do it. I certainly invite you to join a growing list of volunteers who are giving their time to keep Devil’s Lake State Park beautiful.  In fact you could join us Saturday!  Click here for more info!


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