Color Update, Oct. 23

Color Update, Oct. 23

That was quick, eh? I’ve heard from folks who’ve visited the park this weekend and are disappointed because they thought things were “drab” throughout the park. Yeah, that’s nature. This year things progressed slowly and the color change came and went gradually depending on a variety of factors. Even “Peak” color this year wasn’t as colorful and “all-at-once” as years past. We probably had our best colors last Tuesday-Wed and then things went downward very quickly.. Especially in bright sunny areas…

By Saturday, you had to hunt for good color. The north shore picnic area was first to change, (as it always is) and was first to burn out. As I mentioned in here in the blog just 5 days ago, some areas were already past it then. Still, with a little persistence you could find some bright colors just waiting to be photographed.  That’s the thing about fall colors.. it’s Nature. Nature does what it wants…

What amazed me on Saturday was seeing folks trying to get pictures of trees after dark, with the flash on their cell phones.. I’m pretty sure that didn’t go well…

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  1. Mathew

    Thanks ,this saved me 2 hr drive from Milwaukee.Was confused whether i should choose Devils Lake or Holy Hill for a fall color visit on 23rd

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