Fun Fall Events at Devil’s Lake State Park

Fun Fall Events at Devil’s Lake State Park

Fun family events include a Great Nature Race, A Bigfoot hunt & of course the annual Devil’s Lake State Park Halloween Hike.  Join Us!

Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 – The Great Nature Race Drop-in between 9 am – 2:00 pm each day. Your family event starts at the Nature Center

What better way to spend a fall day outside on the Great Nature Race! Drop in the Nature Center anytime between 9 am and 2:00 pm for an adventure across the property! (You’ll need your car for this one). This is a combination of geocaching, orienteering and scavenger hunt so bring your GPS or check one out from the Nature Center.

Work at your own pace; find new places on the property to conquer this challenge!

Great Nature Race
Some Things to Know!

  1. If you come on this challenge here’s some things you’ll need to know and to bring with you. It will take you 2 -3 hours at least to complete this challenge!
  2. Some of the trails are a bit muddy and wet. Wear (or bring) shoes you don’t mind getting a bit wet and sloppy.
  3. You’ll be hiking a bit to find some of these places. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for changing weather.
  4. Bring snacks!!! It will take you a while to accomplish this “race”. Bring snacks along (especially for the kids) so you aren’t starving by the end.
  5. Bring water! Again, you’ll be out for a while and hiking to find things and you can get pretty thirsty.


The Hunt for Bigfoot Continues! Saturday, October 8 from 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Meet at the North Shore Visitor Center

Go on an adventure to see if bigfoot really can be found in the bluffs at Devil’s Lake. We’ll use our detective skills to figure out which are signs and tracks left by other night creatures and which might be left by bigfoot!

When it comes to finding bigfoot, Park Naturalist, Susan Johansen has all the Tech!  We’ll use audio recordings, thermal imagers and more. You just bring your best Bigfoot call!!

This is a great hike for kids of all ages!!

Halloween Bonfire
Saturday, October 22 – Halloween Hike from 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Join us for lots of Halloween fun! There’s a lot to do at this annual event sponsored by the Friends of Devil’s Lake. You can go on a 1-mile torch lit hike; show off your costume by the campfire while roasting a marshmallow or two, and listen to the songs of Campfire Kevin; enjoy some tasty treats sold by the Friends group; and find out about owls! You can even make an owl to take home with you. The event is held at Chateau (North Shore Concessions).
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