This Weekend Is Badger Trails Weekend

This Weekend Is Badger Trails Weekend

If you are looking for a quiet stroll around Devil’s Lake State Park, this will not be your weekend. The annual Badger Trails Devil’s Lake Anniversary hike is held the first weekend of October each year, and this is it (September 30-October 2, 2016). Badger Trails reserves most of the park’s campsites and sites in many nearby campgrounds as well. The Badger Trails event is an organized weekend campout that brings hundreds of young scouts to the Devil’s Lake for a lots of fun activities including; camping, hiking, a youth dance and more. Of course with this many young people in the park at one time, you’re looking at 3 days of high-energy fun and mayhem. To be sure, not everyone’s “cup of tea”.  Not to worry, this is a great weekend to check out one of the many, many other fantastic Wisconsin State Parks this weekend. They’d be happy to see you!

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  1. MARY

    THANK U for the fore warning,,,we r the type who like quiet gorgeous strolls thru the woods,,with our binoculars and birds of north America book,,soo,,,we will go somewhere else this weekend,,,but boy do I remember going to my brothers BOYSCOUT,,Jamborees,,as my ma was a den mother,,,they were A LOT OF FUN ,, as a kid,,,MARY

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