In 3, 2, 1…

In 3, 2, 1…

Well, we haven’t had a new Devil’s Lake State Park blog in a while.  That’s because we’ve been walking in Scotland.  In fact, I’m sitting in Inverness right now nursing my old, tired body as I write this.

Scotland is known for many things; Great hiking of course, haggis, whisky and rain. Oddly, it has rarely rained since we’ve been here. We were told that we should stay here to keep the rain away!  Sorry Scotland, but we’re heading home Wednesday.. Wisconsin needs our dry wit.. or something… anyway, maybe the rain will stop when we arrive back in Madison. Cross your fingers!

Once we get settled in, I’ll give you a review of the fall colors and upcoming events at the park including the popular Devil’s Lake State Park Big Foot Hike! We’ve also got a bunch of trail cameras to check and other bits and bobs coming up for the rest of the fall season.

Oh, and I’ve been away from the TV for a while… How have the Packers been doing??

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