Water Quality Advisory – Sept 9

Water Quality Advisory – Sept 9

Devil’s Lake North Shore Beach – Water Quality Advisory as of today, Friday, Sept 9, 2016. Beach samples were taken on Wednesday and [E. Coli] results are within the “Caution” level. Beach Advisory signs will be up at the north shore until at least Monday when the next sample results will come in.

Common Questions

What is E. Coli?

E. coli is a common form of coliform bacteria that is found in the large intestines of humans and other warm-blooded animals. It is used as an indicator organism since it is easily cultured, and if present in elevated amounts, indicates that fecal matter is present in the water. If fecal matter is in the water, then other disease-causing bacteria may also be present..

How long will it take to clean the lake?

You can not “clean” a natural lake in the way that you might a swimming pool.  You simply must wait for levels to go down in the affected area.

We were in the lake this morning! Why didn’t they get the signs up faster? 

When a water sample is taken from the various parts of the lake, it takes a couple days to send in the sample to a lab and get the results back. This means that the test result that close the beach were actually from 2 or 3 days ago. By the time the signs go up, the numbers will have changed. It could be higher, lower or the same. This is why retesting takes place right away.

Why is there an advisory for one side of the lake and not the other?

Sometimes there will be an advisory for only one side or section of a lake or beach area. This is because the body of water is large enough that it is possible to have one end with elevated bacteria levels and the other end to be considered under safe levels with little threat of being contaminated. This is why you will see swimming, boating and other activities going on as usual in other areas of the lake.

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