And Now For Something Completely…

And Now For Something Completely…

At this time next week, we should be just finding our footing in the Highlands of Scotland.  You’re welcome to follow along over on our Facebook page.

One doesn’t have to go far to find our celtic roots here in central Wisconsin & The Baraboo Hills. Often the most visible, or I should say, “audible” clue is the annual “Bagpipes In The Glen” concert at Durward’s Glen Retreat founded in 1862 by Scottish immigrant, Bernard Isaac Durward. Of course the whole east side of the Baraboo bluff range is sitting in the Caledonia township. Caledonia was the name the romans gave to Scotland when it was still a frontier on the north of their empire. Oh, and of course a young Scotsman named John Muir spent a chunk of his childhood here as well.

In the mid to late 1800’s settlers from all over the UK and Europe came to the area to settle and make a new life for themselves. It’s no surprise really. The Baraboo Hills back in the day, before fire suppression and before the forests we see today, must have looked a lot like home. Standing in the Baraboo River Valley, or looking out over Devil’s Lake no doubt set off a bout of homesickness now and again. Many of us today can trace our histories to those early Scots, Welsh, Irish & English that came here to find a better life.

With that history in mind, we are setting off to make our own connections with the “old country” from walking John Muir Way near Edinburgh, to seeing if the Loch Ness Monster is any more visible than Devil’s Lake’s legendary lake monster. I’ll do my best to post some photos and share some of those connections along the way. Feel free to share your tips, comments or questions with us as well.

Then when we get back on October 1, we’ll start thinking about Peak Fall Colors, Orchards & Halloween Hikes… How cool is that!?

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