More Surveillance Cameras at Devil’s Lake?

More Surveillance Cameras at Devil’s Lake?

The recent vandalism at Devil’s Lake State Park has some visitors wondering if the park should install more video (CCTV) cameras around the park. What do you think?

The question of cameras has come up here in blog comments, on our Facebook page and most recently on the Fans of Devil’s Lake State Park where a reader is asking if they should suggest more cameras to the park rangers. On that point, I’m pretty sure the rangers are well aware of the option. There are some cameras in the park now, but at least as far as I know of, not in the areas being suggested such as the main entrance.

Of course there will always be vandalism and you can’t “security cam” your way out of it. Anyone who lives in a big urban area knows that while security cameras are great in some circumstances, they haven’t stopped taggers. With Devil’s Lake State Park pushing 3 million visitors per year, it’s pretty much in the same situation. (In the summer at least!)

Parking Aug 6th

Parking Aug 6th, North Shore Boat Launch Area

Maybe the bigger point here is how the recent vandalism has brought out some feelings that the park is understaffed or overwhelmed. In addition to the vandalism, comments most often point to parking issues or rarely seeing park staff while visiting or camping over the weekend. To be fair, this sort of thing can be pretty subjective; What you see one weekend, may not be the same as the next. I’m sure there are a few people who tried to park without stickers who wished they wouldn’t have seen a ranger!

Still, as the summer winds down it’s worth asking;  How was your experience at the park this year? Did you feel there were enough staff on hand to serve your needs? Did you feel safe? Were things well maintained? Did you feel like rules were being enforced? Do you feel that installing more security cameras in the park is a good idea?

And by the way, that recent vandalism? It’s been cleaned up now.



*** And of course, just a reminder that this blog and my crazy thoughts are my own and don’t in anyway represent the opinions of the Wisconsin DNR or any other group, organization or book club.

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