Hummingbird Banding

This morning we joined researchers from the Milwaukee Zoo as they captured, measured and banded hummingbirds on the South Shore of Devil’s Lake State Park.  What’s interesting about hummingbird research… is the lack of hummingbird research!  As you can see, that is starting to change!  And what’s really wonderful is that the researchers are happy to let park visitors take part as well!

There are many opportunities to take part in these unique experiences at Devil’s Lake State Park. If you’d like to know when something like this comes up, contact park naturalist, Sue Johansen at the Nature Center (608-356-8301 Ext. 140) and she’ll get you on the list. 

More Photos


Measuring Hummingbird Beaks. Males beaks are smaller than females.


About a dozen people showed up to watch and take pictures!


Measuring the length of the wing.


Hummingbird feeders on South Shore (Milky white water, means, time to change it!)


Checking the hummingbird trap around a feeder


This one looks ready to be let go!

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