Astronomy Nite, The Video & Pics

Astronomy Nite, The Video & Pics

Over 180 people attended the night sky program at Devil’s Lake State Park last weekend.  Amazingly the sky was perfectly clear, and we even got to see the International Space Station fly over!  How cool is that?

Remember, next Saturday, Aug 13th you can join the park naturalist for an evening of S’mores and Perseids from 8:30 to 10:30 pm at the north shore boat launch.  Yeah, peak is Thursday-Friday and the best viewing is after midnight.. but it looks to be a good show even off-peak this year. There will be a fire and the s’more fixings (Free) while you bring some lawn chairs or a blanket so you’re comfortable while watching the meteor shower.

VideoMadison Astronomical Society setting up for last Saturday’s Event.


More Event Pictures

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