Watch Humming Bird Banding!

Watch Humming Bird Banding!

Come watch Hummingbird Banding early in the morning on Friday, August 12 at Devil’s Lake State Park. Meet at 7:30am at the South Shore Concession Stand.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is back again to continue their study of hummingbirds. They love for people to come and watch while they band the hummingbirds, so feel free to stop by, see what they are doing, and ask questions.

There is no set time as to how long they will be there, so come early! They’ll also try to come up to the Nature Center too and band the hummingbirds coming to the feeders there. If you come later in the morning and don’t find the banders, come up to the Nature Center to see if they are here.

Contact Sue Johansen, Park Naturalist
(608) 356-8301 Ext. 140

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