Explore the Night Sky!

Explore the Night Sky!

This Saturday night (Aug 6) Join the Madison Astronomy Society (MAS) at Devil’s Lake State Park to learn about the night sky. MAS will have several telescopes set up and show you cool features about the moon, point you towards some winter constellations. This is more of an informal program where you can come anytime between 7pm and 10:30pm and the MAS volunteers will help you get to know the night sky.

You’ll find everyone near the north shore boat launch parking lot, just behind the Rock Elm Shelter.  Just look for all of the telescopes!

Perseids & S’ Mores 

Sat, August 13, 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Although peak viewing will be Thursday & Friday nights, Saturday should turn out pretty nicely as well as astronomers hint at double the usual rate of meteors for this shower. We’ll have the fire and the s’more fixings while you bring some lawn chairs or a blanket so you’re comfortable while watching the meteor shower. Meet at the North Shore Boat Launch.

Video – Nasa’s What’s Up For August 2016



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