Night Paddle Video & Recap

Night Paddle Video & Recap

24 paddlers and a pup named Swiper, covered in a rainbow of multicolored glow sticks,  joined the park naturalist and 4 volunteer guides for a full moon paddle on Devil’s Lake Tuesday night.

We started our annual night paddles on Devil’s Lake about 3 years back now and each year we’re still surprised how many folks turn out. Devil’s Lake is the perfect site for a night paddle of course. With no motors allowed, there are no high-speed boats to put paddlers in peril. Add in good weather, small waves, no current and full moon.. well, what more could you ask for??

On Tuesday it turned out to be one of those perfect nights! The air was warm, the lake was calm and the full moon lit the lake like a giant night-light. The only sounds on the water were those of conversations and laughter among the paddlers.

Oh, and the best light show this year goes to the woman on the Standup Board!

If you’d like to join us next year, just keep an eye on our events calendar or follow us on Facebook.

If you want to go out on the lake at night on your own, there are a couple of things to keep in mind;  The park closes at 11pm and boaters need to be off the lake and out of the park by then. Well, other than those with a fishing licence who are (for some unknown reason) are an exception to the rule and can be out on the water all night. Also all small boats on Wisconsin’s inland waters including Devil’s Lake, have to follow all state regulations including having a PFD and proper lighting depending on your craft. Boats under 23ft (most kayaks & canoes) are required to have a flashlight or lantern accessible if needed in time to signal an oncoming boat.

Anyway, great nite, thanks to everyone for coming and see you next year!!!

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