Hikers, Your Snacks Are About Ready!

Hikers, Your Snacks Are About Ready!

If you are out along on the trails of Devil’s Lake State Park, especially in the Johnson Moraine/Steinke Basin Area, you’ll notice that the raspberries are just about ready to eat! In fact, we’ve found a few ripe berries already..

Wild RaspberriesWisconsin’s wild raspberries (Sometimes called “blackcaps”) grow on long prickly whips often right along the trails or in big sunny patches. The ripe berries are the dark purple (Black) ones. The red berries have some time to go yet. Raspberries are a tasty treat and a nice, sweet pick-me-up out on the trails this time of year. Of course, you’re advised to wash them, etc., before you eat them, but we usually just throw caution to the wind and just pick ’em and eat ’em right on the trail!

Safety First: While for most of use, they are pretty easily identified, if you’re not absolutely sure that you’ve identified a plant correctly… DON’T EAT IT.  There are many guide books out there than can help you with IDs. All foraged food should be washed before being consumed… Just sayin’ 


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