Bat Watches, Friday’s Big Thing!

Bat Watches, Friday’s Big Thing!

Over 80 people attended last night’s “Friday Lawn Chair Bat Watch” at Devil’s Lake State Park.  Park Naturalist, Susan Johansen brings all the latest tech along so everyone can listen to and identify the bats at the park!

Sadly due to white-nosed syndrome it’s very possible that this popular family event may not last much longer. When “White-Nose” hits a bat colony over 90% of the population usually won’t survive.  White-nose syndrome was discovered in Wisconsin about 2 years ago and is spreading. We’d recommend that if you’ve not come to see our bats, you may want to do it this year.

Lawn Chair Bat Watches are held every Friday evening during the summer at the bat house near the north shore boat landing. Arrive just before dusk, and bring your lawn chair!

** We ask that you don’t shine flashlights or cell phone lights into the bat houses…


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