Tuesday Workday with Troop 377. Thank You!

Tuesday Workday with Troop 377. Thank You!

Last evening Baraboo scout troop 377 worked Devil’s Lake State Park’s East Bluff trail to cover “volunteer trails” to allow the land to recover. This important work has gone pretty well thanks to the volunteers working with the park’s Nature Center.

We can’t stress enough how important it has become to stay on the designated trails. Sure, there is a bit of a grey area there. Hunters, birders and others may go off trail on occasion, but where the damage is done is when large groups of people repeatedly use the same paths. This happens most at Devil’s Lake along the cliff trails, popular climbing routes and where mountain bikers have begun to carve out paths connecting the Ice Age & Northern Lights Campgrounds to the North Shore beach area. These trails quickly become compacted and nothing will grow. What’s more, invasive plants such as garlic mustard & Japanese barberry quickly sprout up along these paths. With over 3 million visitors each year, you can image the damage that is being done!  Obviously creating these problem trails is flat-out disrespect for the park and the environment.

When visiting the park please don’t clear, walk or bike on marked restoration areas.

Again, thanks to the scouts for their help. Their work will help make sure that Devil’s Lake State Park remains a beautiful place to visit for them and their kids as well.

How you can help

  1. Volunteer!  Click Here For Details!
  2.  Stay on designated trails!
  3. (Off trail?) Leave No Trace!
  4.  Call out folks disrespecting YOUR park. Notify the rangers!


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