Swimmer’s Itch Reported

Swimmer’s Itch Reported

June 15, 2016 – Devil’s Lake State Park has had some confirmed cases of swimmer’s itch reported. Signs will be posted today.

Swimmer’s itch is generally reported at the park every year. It is a dermatitis caused by a small fluke which penetrates the skin. It is not dangerous or contagious but it can be uncomfortable. In some people it is hardly noticeable while others may have severe itching, swelling, and fever. The symptoms usually go away in about a week. Swimmer’s itch is usually noted in the early summer and will be posted around the park. To help minimize your risk;

1. Wear waterproof suntan lotion or baby oil
2. Try to swim when offshore winds are not present
3. Rub briskly with a towel immediately after leaving the water
4. Showering after swimming may also help.

Want More Information about swimmer’s itch?

Visit the Wisconsin Dept. of Health and Family Services – Disease Fact Sheet Swimmer’s Itch

More? “Swimmer’s Itch, The Authorized Homepage.”



  1. Eric Vang

    Going there the week of July 4th. Keeping an eye out for status updates on this.

    Please post any updates if you have them. There will be plenty of kids who will want to go swimming. (And personally, I love the jumping rock.)


  2. Charles

    My son and I swam 2 days in the lake for long periods of time (June 20 and 21). We swam further out from the beach.We did not experience anything bad. I had sun block on; he did not.

  3. Dawn Giraldo

    We swam at the southside beach on saturday June 11th. We kayaked over to the north beach. The time it took for us to kayak from oneside of the lake to the other we began to itch beyond control. When we got to the northside we asked about the intense itching and were told that the sign was not up. We asked about available showers to try and get the itch under control. They had showers that you can rinse off that have cold water only and are very dirty as there are no garbage cans in the bathrooms. By the next morning our family was covered in red bumps that itched like chicken pox. We ended up at the walk in clinic upon returning home l. They diagnosed swimmers itch. A few days later we heard about the large outbreak on the nightly news. It is now June 25th and the itching has finally stopped but you can still clearly see the red bumps and we are often asked if we are contagious. Now doing my reasearch this is VERY common in June and Julym. Visitor beware the lake is NOT your friend.

    1. carol shifflet

      I had my grandkids there swimming on that weekend too. I ended up with swimmers itch. still itching the kids did not. they were out in the water, I was sitting in a lawn chair in the water, so I had it on my arms and lower legs and neck area. all the areas that came into contact with the water. have been going there since I was a little girl first time I have ever had it !

  4. Jenny

    Has anyone swam in the lake more recently than late June? My family and I are planning to go this weekend (Aug 6). Just wondering if the swimmers itch has cleared up.

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