Saturday Detours Possible

Saturday Detours Possible

Road work may cause big traffic problems at the north shore entrance tomorrow, Saturday June 11th.

Update: Last evening (Friday night) a worker with the road crew told us that they would not be working Saturday.. So.. maybe we’ll get a break.


It’s been reported that due to rain delays and a fast approaching deadline the Wisconsin DOT has been told that the construction company working on Hwy 123, plans to continue road work near the entrance of Devil’s Lake State Park’s north shore on Saturday, June 11th. With kids just out of school and predictions of a 90F sunny summer day, that this could create havoc for visitors and park staff.

Suffice to say, unless plans change, park visitors will see delays in getting to the popular north shore entrance of the park as they navigate flagging crews who will be stopping traffic from driving on the new pavement.

At this point all we have to offer you is a few suggestions for alternate routes and recommend that the South Shore of the park may be a better option.

From Baraboo, take Hwy 113 South. Right on Cty DL to North Shore (It is also possible to get into the park’s north shore via the Quartzite Campground, but this may turn into a bottleneck as well.) or continue over the bluffs and turn right on South Shore Road to get to the South Shore Beach.

From Madison Area (Or WI Dells) on Highway 12 – Turn on Hwy 33 and follow the directions above (From Baraboo) or turn East on Ski Hi Road. Then Right on South Shore Road to the South Shore Beach.

Good Luck! Be Safe!  And remember, it’s not the park’s staff fault.  I can imagine they are not pleased either!

Click here for link to google map

** And of course, my crazy opinions are my own and often caused by too many hours of isolation in the deep dark woods. My posts certainly don’t represent the opinions of the Wisconsin DNR or any other group, organization or book club.


  1. Joe salemi

    They would do well to direct traffic to temporarily go both in and out of the “Exit only” north shore campgrounds and lots. This would work especially well for cars with current stickers. Or how about an amnesty day allowing no stickers.
    There are always solutions.

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