Trail Cam Updates For April

Trail Cam Updates For April

Time to check in with the critters of Devil’s Lake State Park.  It’s spring and the animals of the park are out and about.  During the last few weeks we’ve seen more than our fair share of squirrels, racoons and curious deer. Our most notable captures recently have been a flying squirrel, a long-tailed weasel and some great selfies from some kids who found a camera!

First up was this ghostly coyote who went racing by our camera on the south shore. It was about 6:30 am and the coyote was heading away from the lake and heading up the bluff! Coyotes can be found everywhere within the park, but are most often heard and rarely seen.  Park visitors often mistake their calls for those of wolves. While wolves are occasionally reported in the park, they are so rare that any howls & yips you hear at night we probably be coyotes.


Below is the first possum we’ve captured on camera! (This shot contributed by the Devils Lake Nature Center)


Below: We found an interesting collection of dens at the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area and decided to set up a cam.  We still don’t know who built the dens, the only critter’s showing up on the cam have been hungry raccoons!


Below: It’s a short-tailed Weasel!! The short-tailed weasel is the most abundant weasel in Wisconsin. They are great hunters and help control the mice which of course can carry ticks! You go Weasel!!


Below:  It’s a flying squirrel!. There are two kinds of flying squirrel in Wisconsin, the northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel. The northern flying squirrel is slightly larger than its southern cousin. Both “fly” (Well, glide actually!) with the help of a fold of skin that extends from the squirrel’s wrist to the ankle. Flying squirrels are fairly common in the park and are often seen just as the sun is setting on the south shore near the Grottos Trail.  (Somebody’s got to change the date on this camera!!)


Below: Hey Kids! It was so cool to find this family setting up some selfies for us on the trail cams. Hey, we’d love to share your names & faces. If this is you, just have your parents call the Devil’s Lake State Park nature center and let them know who you are!!Kids at Devil's Lake State Park

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