It’s OK not to know, Just Ask!

It’s OK not to know, Just Ask!

What’s this shell doing on top of a bluff at Devil’s Lake State Park? It is odd isn’t it? Sea shells at the top of a bluff and nowhere near the water?  OK, OK, I hear the “nature nerds” among us snorting in the background and just dying to tell us all that this is not a SEA shell and is simply a common snail shell.  Yep, snails can live on land and the story of their amazing adaptation from water to land creature is pretty interesting. I mean, would you have guessed that land snails in our climate hibernate?  You can read more about that here.

Snails aside, the real point of today’s blog is that nobody knows everything and that’s OK. Luckily at Devil’s Lake State Park you have access a park naturalist, nature programs and an (albeit small and sometimes over-crowded) nature center to take advantage of.  So when you see something you don’t know in the park, head up to the nature center and ask. That’s what they’re there for. 🙂

Enjoy the upcoming warm weekend!

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