Lake Flies Are Back!

Lake Flies Are Back!

Here’s your annual notice, thoes irritating lake flies are back! They actually started showing up about a week ago but the cold weather kept their numbers down. Today, the sun came out and “BAM!” clouds of lake flies filled the air!  You can expect the bugs to hang around near the lake shore for about 2 weeks before dying off.  So suffice to say, this isn’t a great time to hike right near the water!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Think of it as marvelous synchronicity, providing a food source for birds, bats, amphibians, and who knows what else when they need it the most…

  2. Jennifer

    Yes they are still there and very annoying. We were there today and the swarmed us and the kids as soon as we went into the water. They’re huge so the kids were flipping out. Hopeful they’ll be gone soon

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