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I try to post a new photo every day from Devil’s Lake State Park and the surrounding area on our various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  Of course, a photograph never tells the whole story. Lately I’ve been taking a moment to capture the sounds that surround me and my camera while I’m out getting the shot.  Here’s a taste.

Yesterday, my goal was to get a picture of the frosty looking trees covered by an early morning snowfall. After getting a feel for the lighting and the heavy sky, I decided I needed some color and chose to shoot somewhere along messenger creek. (Messenger creek is located on the south-east corner of Devil’s Lake.) As I hiked in through the bramble I was amazed by the sounds of the birds!  So amazed that I stepped into the freezing water of the marsh before I knew what happened!

The video above was taken with my iPhone right after I got my camera set up.  I just hold the camera as still as I can because the audio is the important bit. Have a listen. What calls & sounds can you identify?

Below is the photograph I snapped from the spot in the recording..

April Morning at Devil's Lake State Park

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  1. Wayne Gjersvig

    After a winter spent in the sunny southwest, l took a hike at Devils Lake. It’s good to be back home and enjoying our outdoor beauty.
    Saw a fellow with camera equipment on the East Bluff trail. I asked him if he was with Skillet Creek. He wasn’t so maybe we will meet up some other time. All ways enjoy your Facebook posts.

    1. Author

      Thanks! It’s better now that it’s warming up too! It’s surprisingly hard to find me out on the trails.. especially since I’ve been spending more time out in the woods recently. 🙂

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