60 Seconds of Zen With Black Bear Falls

Black Bear falls is an ephemeral or temporary waterfall located within Devil’s Lake State Park that only flows at certain times, and usually not for long. It’s located in a “wild” gorge area known as “Pine Hollow” on the south-western corner of the park. While beautiful, there are no trails, no cell service and folks who do venture into the area face challenges including; high cliffs, loose rock & talus fields, rattlesnakes and even flash flooding. Suffice to say, for most people video is the best way to see the falls.

** To those of you who do venture into Pine Hollow. Please do not mark trees with marking tape or leave other signs, garbage or whatever in the valley. Remember, respect this unique public land & leave only footprints!

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  1. Bill

    Been there, it’s gorgeous.
    Yes, please don’t take anything away from this great spot, and remember when you slide down the slope, you drastically increase erosion. Go a safer route anyway.
    I’ve not seen the bear there, but heard it.
    The high point was meeting the patriarch of the family that used to own the land. He told me that it was nice he could sell it to DNR so that others could enjoy it too and he could still hike it when he wanted.

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