Howl If You Love Bigfoot!

Howl If You Love Bigfoot!

It was a warm Saturday evening and nearly 100 people came to Devil’s Lake State Park to join park naturalist, Sue Johansen on a hunt for Bigfoot. What an amazing turnout! Well, when you have a hundred people romping through the woods at night, you can bet that even if there was “squatch” in the woods, it heard us coming from a long way off.  As we hiked along we stopped to check out the dark forest with a FLIR (Thermal Imaging Camera), practice our wood knocks, check on our bigfoot trap camera, compare Bigfoot & other wildlife signs, oh and of course, HOWL!!  Yeah, the kids loved that bit… Check out the video below…. and fair warning, its loud!

Everyone loved the opportunity to see the thermal imager in action. The heat of the day made the trees stand out against the cool ground. Anything living would show up as bright red..  Sadly though, Bigfoot failed to appear on the thermal… I’m betting the kids chased him away with their howls!  You can bet that the FLIR will be coming out for more programs this summer!

FLIR Check! Examining the forest with a Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR Check! Examining the forest for signs of life with a Thermal Imaging Camera!

We hiked into the woods to locate the trap camera. There, everyone gathered around to check the captures from the last few days. Aside from a few dark and mysterious blurry images (??????), we did manage to capture some of the local wildlife. How many deer can you see in the images below?

Home Many Deer Can You See?

Of course, if you’re going to be a true Bigfoot hunting expert, you have to be able to compare and tell the difference between bigfoot and other wildlife that share the forest. Along the trail we stopped to compare some of the most famous Bigfoot howls captured around the country with a variety of owl and coyote calls. We also identified a variety of tracks in the snow including wild turkey, deer and coyote.. but, sadly, not one “big foot”.  Still, our hopes are high for the next bigfoot hike!

If you missed this event, be sure to keep an eye on the Devil’s Lake State Park Nature Center Events calendar or subscribe to the newsletter for upcoming events. The great thing about a Bigfoot search is that even if you don’t find bigfoot, you get to spend a fun evening outdoors, howling at the top of your voice, beating trees with sticks and learning a bit about local wildlife along the way.. How cool is that?

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  1. Curtis Swierk

    Just curious. Has anyone had any Bigfoot sightings at Devil’s Lake State Park? We had something very unusual happen to us about 25 years ago.

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