Finding Bigfoot Night Hike!

Finding Bigfoot Night Hike!

Join park naturalist Susan Johansen on a hunt for the elusive Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) right here at Devil’s Lake State Park! The very first “Finding Bigfoot” night hike is coming up this Saturday, Feb 27th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm!  Go on an adventure to see if bigfoot really can be found in the bluffs at Devil’s Lake. (Yes, Bigfoot sightings have been

Famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot!

Famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot!

reported in the park!)

Use your detective skills to figure out which are signs and tracks left by other night creatures and which might be left by bigfoot!  This is a great hike for kids of all ages.  (And just between us, I hear Sue has some cool new tech to use as well…)

Meet at the North Shore Visitor Center a bit before 7 pm.

Contact Sue Johansen, Park Naturalist
(608) 356-8301 Ext. 140


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  1. Joe salemi

    No but seriously, I could have seen him last july while fishing the East shore a little south of the point at dusk. I heard real loud grunts and kerplunks all around. At first I thought it was someone throwing rocks from the trail and they didnt see me below in my kayak. So i blew my whistle and grunted back. So it grunted again and i heard him running away on the rail rock above.
    If you see him will please tell to stop throwing rocks before someone gets hurt. And besides tell him it scares the fish away. Any self respecting sasquatch would know better dont you think? Oh and see if you get him to take a bath because pheeee u eee! That guy can leave a scent!!!

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