Critter Cam Update!

Critter Cam Update!

Yes, it has been awhile, but it’s time for a “Critter Cam” update!  You may remember that last November we started setting up trap cameras at different locations within the park. Along the way we caught a nice young Whitetail buck and a variety of unexpected birds! In December park naturalist, Sue Johansen, set up a camera near the Nature Center to see what wildlife she could catch. All she needed was some bait.  Not long into the hunting season, she discovered that someone had dumped part of a deer carcass on the road to her house. So, doing what every naturalist would do, she picked up the carcass (after getting the proper approval) and brought it to the Nature Center!

The trail camera, “critter cam” or “carcass cam” has caught a few interesting things. The fox that was caught just a few days ago was one of the more exciting captures on the camera so far.

Sue will keep monitoring the camera to see what else comes by. We also has plans to set out other cameras throughout the park to capture wildlife. Thanks to a grant from Whitetails Unlimited, Sue was able to purchase 4 trail cameras to use with school and public programs as well has help the park find out just what’s moving around in the woods besides deer and raccoons.  So stay tuned!!

Carcass Cam Gallery so far…

Photos supplied by the WDNR. Thank you!

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