No Hiking Required

No Hiking Required

All over the web recently you’ve seen pictures of beautiful ice flows around central Wisconsin. There seems to be amazing ice everywhere from the Kickapoo Valley to Mirror Lake State Park, Gov. Dodge State Park to right here at Devil’s Lake. To see most of them will require a walk, often on rough slippery terrain. However, if you or a member of your family can’t manage walk, you don’t need to miss out. We’ve found a pretty sweet ice flow at Devil’s Lake that is right by the road!

Ice on the Entrance Road at Devil's Lake State Park

Ice on the Entrance Road at Devil’s Lake State Park

It’s pretty easy to get to, simply drive into the park’s north shore entrance until the stone wall appears to your left marking the beginning of a wide curve. (Maybe 100 yards in.) Just a bit beyond that point you’ll see a jumble of rock to your right. Slow down and as you begin to pass that first bit of rock and look back. (This is a great job for the passengers!) It’s easy to miss simply because the angle of the rock face is not in the direction you’re looking when you drive down the road. It’s a little behind you. On the other hand, if you are looking for it, it’s easy to see. I can just hear folks who visit the park all the time asking, “How’d I miss that?!?!?!”  I thought that too!

Now the best part of this ice flow is that it’s pretty accessible. You can see it from the car.  If you want to get out and walk the few short steps up to the ice, just make sure you park your car off of the road. If you do walk up, remember to leave only footprints.

Oh, and by the way, the flow is facing south-east so it tends to really glow in the early morning sun.


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