Amazing Ice!

Amazing Ice!

This is a great time to get outside and look for amazing ice falls at Devil’s Lake & Mirror Lake State Park. Ice falls are just like waterfalls of course, but just much, much slower. The can appear anywhere you’ll find rock ledges and cliffs which are pretty common around here.  Where, and how big they are depends on a variety of factors including; weather, snow, temps, etc. Ice flows are not only popular to look at and photograph, but if they are big enough, they are meccas for ice climbers as well.

Here at Devil’s Lake State Park, the ice falls or flows are generally too small to climb. The ones we’ve discovered so far are also way, way off of the beaten path and in areas we can’t advise you to go this time of year. That’s not to say there are not ice falls that are easy to find, we’ve just not discovered them yet! That’s part of the fun! If you are adventurous, getting a topo map and checking out some snowshoes sounds like a great idea. If you do discover something, let us know! Of course, be safe out there! If that’s not you’re thing, I’ve posted a few pictures below.

If you’re a little less adventurous but would really like to see some amazing ice in person, I’d recommend you head over to Mirror Lake State Park this Saturday at 10am for a 90 minute hike through the Fern Dell Gorge.  The ice flows out there are pretty impressive at the moment.  For more information on this hike click here.

Oh, and by-the-way, people are out ice fishing on Devil’s Lake now. Does that make is safe to be out on the ice?  Well, that’s your call. 🙂

More Ice Pics From Devil’s Lake

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