Reservations For 2016?

Reservations For 2016?

Every year, on January first, our website traffic jumps up by between 1000 & 2000 visitors per day and continues to increase until August. It’s like, BOOM and we’re up and running for the new year right now!  90% of that sudden jump in traffic right now is those of you trying to get your camping reservations in for the new year. It’s also now, when many of you learn that there is already nothing available for the weekend that you were hoping for. I know, we’ve all been there and you just have to put it down as part of the learning process.

Reservations at Devil’s Lake State Park can be made up to 11 months in advance. Experienced campers will hit the phone or go online exactly 11 months before the dates they choose. I’ve heard many stories about people approaching camping reservations like concert tickets; Calling (888-WI-PARKS (888-947-2757)), getting a busy signal, then hitting re-dial over and over until they get through.  This, at least at Devil’s Lake State Park, is how the reservation game is played. So if you want to camp Devil’s Lake over a busy summer weekend, do your math and mark your calendars for exactly 11 months before you want to be here… and good luck.

Now if you’re way past that and just realized you can’t get in when you want to, the first option is to check availability at Mirror Lake State Park. Maybe you can get in there. Truth is, Mirror Lake has caught the overflow for years and it’s not all that easy to get in there either. But give it a try.

Next? Well, here in the Baraboo area we have a lot of nice family campgrounds. They also book up fast, but if you are looking for THIS SUMMER, they are probably your best chance. Some are located within a mile or two of Devil’s Lake, many have lots of extra amenities, so going “private” can be a surprisingly good move. Here’s a list of private campgrounds in the area.

Here’s to hoping that whichever way you go, you have a stress free experience… Well, as stress free as possible! Summer’s just around the corner… hang in there!

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