Finding the Perfect Sunset

Finding the Perfect Sunset

Everyone loves a “perfect” sunset for romantic evenings, thoughtful alone time, or that perfect picture. Interestingly, colorful sunsets don’t just happen, they are created by a confluence of factors from time of year to the amount of dust and moisture particles in the air. Often the most colorful “sunsets” don’t happen until after the sun has already set and slipped far below the horizon. What’s more, a great sunset requires clouds! Thin upper level clouds help to disperse the light and bring us those great reds & yellows we love so much. Lower level clouds create even more reflection while adding contrast and shadows. Now, if you can get water on the surface below, you’ve hit the jackpot!

These images were captured at Devil’s Lake State Park last evening when all those factors came together in an amazing way.  By-the-way, if you would like to purchase a print of these images or others from Devil’s Lake State Park, head over to our photography shop at

December Sunset over Devil's Lake

December Sunset over Devil’s Lake

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