Cam Catch Week 2

Cam Catch Week 2

This was a week for learning and surprises in our new trail cam adventures.  Our location this week was near a wetland where we found plenty of deer and coyote tracks leading out of the bluffs and down to the water’s edge. Of course, deer are common and as much as we love seeing them, we’re really looking for other critters, the ones that aren’t so easy to find!

Again this week we baited the cameras with a meat drop. Well, baited isn’t quite the right word. We provided a free, energy-filled snack at the price of a few pictures. 🙂 And again, we were surprised by the results.  Instead of coyotes, otters or skunks.. we got crows and blue jays!

Interestingly blue jays are members of the crow family (Corvidae) and will eat both plants and animals. While known for eating acorns and other nuts, seeds and fruits, they will also eat insects, mice, frogs, small birds and eggs if they can get them. They will also chow down on carrion or dead animals as well.. No wonder they took the bait!

That was it for camera 2.  In a location full of coyote tracks! Bummer! I have to wonder if the coyotes smell us near their trails and on the bait.  Maybe they’re just being coy….

Trail Cam - Crow

A pair of crows find the bait..

A Blue Jay Take The Bait

A Blue Jay Take The Bait

Meanwhile on camera 1, (Top of the Page) we did get what certainly looks like a deer. The interesting part of this photo is that when compared to a picture of me standing in the same location (Something no one needs to see!), that deer is very, very short, approximately up to my hips and I’m only 5’6″ myself!

In addition to the “deer” we had another blue jay and weather. That’s what I want to end today’s post with actually.  Have a look at the shot from below. It’s obviously raining. Now, look at some of the motion trails.. Are these raindrops going up?  We had a number of these shots over one evening. It’s November, it’s cold and raining. These are not  bugs and rain certainly isn’t defying gravity. It’s anomalies like this make may ghost photos and orbs suspect.  It looks weird, but there is probably an obvious explanation.

See you next week!

What is flying up in this picture?

What is flying up in this picture?

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  1. Donna Meier

    Hi Derrick – I recall (maybe not accurately) reading that our perception of falling raindrops is “upside down”. Maybe on the Weather Channel I saw an article that falling raindrops are not teardrop shapes (bottom larger than top as on the old Morton salt containers) but the opposite as on your film.

    Thank you for a wonderful website.

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