Cam Catch, Week 1

Cam Catch, Week 1

We walked out to retrieve the camera after the recent snowfall.  Although we placed the camera on an obvious animal trail, we didn’t see any tracks in the 2 day old snow which didn’t fill us with confidence. Well, we didn’t catch a bear or bobcat, but at least we didn’t get skunked!

Our trail cam was at location 1 for a week. Over that time it captured 28 images. Most of the images show no sign that anything was around to trigger it. Must have been forest sprites! Of the 28 photos, just 9 had something to see; 2 shots were triggered by blowing snow during the storm, 3 were squirrels and 4 shots were triggered by this guy! Surprisingly, the flash on this old-school trail cam didn’t scare him off.  In fact he stayed around a while!

What is interesting is that the bait we put out to attract carnivores was nowhere to be found and whomever took it was NOT caught on camera. Well, unless our white-tailed deer with the glowing eyes has acquired a taste for meat.. Spooky!

Now here’s some food for thought; You may have heard that you can tell how old a deer is by the number of ‘points’ it has on its antlers. I remember being told that as a kid. Well, that’s not right. Antler growth in a deer is largely dependent not just on the the age of the deer but it’s general health, diet and of course, genetics. So if hunters want to see lots of “big racks” in the woods, their best option is to help maintain healthy lands (Leave only footprints.) and let the big boys go…

Come back next week to see what we capture at our new location within the park!

Deer at Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo Wisconsin

Deer at Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo Wisconsin




  1. Bill

    First; I’m a hunter (who doesn’t use a trail cam), but I like to see this technology used for non-hunting purposes too.

    This is cool you take the time and trouble to do this for us all, Derrick.

    Thank you!

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