First Snow of the Season!

Video:  The first snow storm of the season rolled through Wisconsin overnight on Friday. Most of the snow stayed south of Devil’s Lake State Park, but we still saw a couple of inches of snow covering the ground on Saturday morning.  I was at the park just before sunrise to enjoy a snowy morning walk along the shoreline. On the way I shot a drive-thru video of the north shore entrance road (Normally known for its fall color!) and posted a few still shots to our social media pages as well.  My favorite reaction so far was “It’s 70 where we are. I don’t miss the snow!”)  Yeah, it’s an acquired taste for sure!

Oh, and by-the-way, this week is deer gun hunting season, so be careful out there!  The best trails to stay on during hunting season are the ones along the lake and the East Bluff & West Bluff Trails along the cliffs.  Yep, they may be wet and slippery at the moment…

First Snow 2015

First Snow 2015 – Prints Available at

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