Trail Cam Adventure at Devil’s Lake State Park

Trail Cam Adventure at Devil’s Lake State Park

It’s not just deer that are moving around the park this time of year. We hear reports of everything from bobcats to bears to even the occasional Sasquatch! No seriously, Bigfoot was here!

Well, I’m not sure if I believe all of the stories but this late fall and winter we’ve decided to plant a trap camera out in some of the more wild areas of the park and seeing what we could find.  You’re invited to follow along! Our first location is where someone recently reported finding bobcat tracks in the mud. We checked the spot out but recent rains and freshly fallen leaves destroyed any discernible tracks on the ground. Still, we set up the camera along a well-worn animal trail  nearby to see what shows up. It would be so cool to get a bobcat pic, wouldn’t it!?  The camera’s been up there a few days and sometime this weekend we’ll go see if we caught anything. What do you think we’ll find?

Next week we’ll share any cool discoveries over on our Facebook Page, so be sure to follow along.  Then, it’s off to a new location within the park to set up and try again.  If you get any cool critter pics while you are out exploring the park, be sure to let us know in the comments below or you can head over to the Skillet Creek Media Facebook page and share your pics as well!

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