Fall Color Report Oct 16 – 18th

Fall Color Report Oct 16 – 18th

So here’s the deal, this will be a great weekend to come to Devil’s Lake State Park and the Baraboo hills region to see some fantastic fall colors! The weather will be cool, but mostly sunny throughout the next few days.  Will it be “peak”?  No. I wouldn’t say that but colorful? Oh, yeah! Really, if you want to see great colors, you don’t want to put too much stock in waiting for that magical “peak” weekend. You just want to catch the 2-3 week period right before everything goes brown. In that window, there is always a lot of great color to be had. That period, in our part of Wisconsin is starting right now.

Devil's Lake State Park Entrance Rd. October 15th, 2015

Devil’s Lake State Park Entrance Rd. October 15th, 2015

For those of you waiting for the perfect Devil’s Lake State Park entrance road pic, it’s still about a week off.  As you can see from the shot I took today, it’s colorful, but there is still a lot of green out there.


  1. Debie Switalski

    Beautiful. I’m traveling to that area the weekend of October 23rd, do you feel there will still be beautiful color at that time. I would love to capture some amazing photos around Devils Lake State Park.

    Have a joyful day


  2. Alex

    Devils Like, Nordics Pines … 20 years to go…, summer and early autumn. You know, for energy … Beautiful nature, friendly people, and, of course, Devil’s Lake. I ‘l be making plans for 2016. My database and the reference point – Nordits Pines. I love Baraboo. I’m scientist in the field of probability theory and stochastic processes. Greetings from Wheeling IL

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