SPRA Draft Master Plan Released

SPRA Draft Master Plan Released

What’s going to happen at the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area? Well if the draft master plan goes through as is there will be miles of trails for bikes, hiking and horses. Occasionally there will be rockets and motorcycles as well.  Oh, and sadly our salamanders are getting no respect at all!

Heres a quick list of proposed elements

  • Visitor Center with display space.
  • Hiking trails (10 miles)
  • Biking trails: Recreational, family-friendly (15 miles).
  • Mountain bike (5 miles in coordination with Devil’s Lake State Park).
  • Great Sauk Trail (5 access points to SPRA).
  • Equestrian trails (12 miles).
  • All hunting seasons from mid-October to Feb. 15. Pheasant stocking.
  • Trapping from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15.
  • Public access roads (15 miles).
  • Bird & wildlife watching, nature photography.
  • Day use area at the former reservoir site with an overlook deck, picnic shelter and amphitheater.
  • Horse trailer parking, corral, and loading area with picnic shelter and vault toilet.
  • Day use area at Weigand’s Bay with accessible fishing platform, carry-in boat access and picnic tables.
  • Special event staging area with picnic shelter, vault toilets, grills, and a large grassy field.
  • Rocketry site (up to 10 days/year).
  • Lake Wisconsin overlook with shelter, picnic tables, grills and trailhead.
  • Re-purposing biking and equestrian trails and roads for use by dual-sport motorcycles (up to six days/year).
  • Horse-drawn carts and buggies on the equestrian trails (up to two weekends/year).
  • Snowmobile trail, either along the east side of the SPRA or on the Great Sauk Trail.
  •  A 72-acre Class 2 dog training area.
  • Off-leash dog use in the Magazine Area.

Check out the SPRA draft master plan freshly released today.  What do you think of the plans?


  1. Bill

    Rockets and off-road motorcycles?
    Who thought that up? That isn’t the low-impact uses that DNR said they’d have there.
    Those uses are also exclusive, that is, they drive other more compatible users away.
    I’m beginning to wonder if DNR doesn’t think that Bong is a great model for “rec areas”, and the only designation they can think up. What kind of planner thinks that is a good idea?

  2. Bill

    Badger (preferable to SPRA) is a natural extension to Devil’s Lake State Park.

    Done right, it can be a huge asset to the area. This was envisioned in the Sauk County Badger Reuse Plan, done by a committee of 21 visionary area leaders in 2001. They came together to a consensus to develop a far-seeing plan the honor the past and preserve for the future and to make the area a world-class attraction that fits perfectly with the park. It is the “highest and best use”, to borrow a phrase from the GSA.

    Here’s the place to read the DNR proposed Master Plan and to comment on it. Please send them your input.

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