Fines & Towing At Pewit’s Nest SNA

Fines & Towing At Pewit’s Nest SNA

Since Memorial Day over 400 parking citations have been handed out at Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area, a beautiful and popular local beauty spot with woefully inadequate parking or management. Over the years the popularity of Pewit’s Nest has grown to match or possibly surpass that of Parfrey’s Glen SNA, our other local, premier natural area. The problem at both natural areas is that they have been mostly left unsupervised due to a variety of issues that I’ve written about here ad nauseum. Until these issues are taken seriously by those who can actually make a difference, the local sheriff’s office felt they had no other option but to start towing cars at Pewit’s nest which lies on a dangerously sharp corner on County Rd. W.  Parking fines and tow trucks won’t slow the damage of these special places, but it may prevent a tragedy along the roadside.

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