New Restrooms & Showers

New Restrooms & Showers

Among the various updates at Devil’s Lake State Park for 2015, both Quartzite & Northern Lights Campgrounds received new shower & restroom facilities.  We’ve updated the photos in our various campsite photo maps or you can just click here to see the updated photos as well.  (It’s about time too!)

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  1. Vanessa Beardsley

    Just celebrated our 30th family reunion in Quartzite this past weekend. The new facilities are lovely, but we were sad to lose the building that has been replaced by pit toilets. They have no access to water…not fun when you need to remove contact lenses, brush teeth or refill a water bottle. Would love to see a water spigot placed nearby. Also, if you’re looking to reserve near either Quartzite bathroom facility…pack your eye masks. The exterior lights on the buildings light up nearby tents like daylight once the sun sets. Also, the pit toilets were emitting quite a noxious smell since they vent to the outside…oddly, inside didn’t stink nearly as much.

    1. Bill Meyer

      Just got back from Devils Lake last night. Had a great time, great weather and this is still my favorite campground to go to. However, I don’t understand the change in the bathrooms. I stayed in Northern lights and where there used to be a huge bathroom by the playground, there is nothing now. Where the 2nd large bathroom was, complete with 3 toilet stalls, there is a new building with only 1 stall. I do like the ‘family’ shower design, but to drop down to 1 stall vs the 3 that were there before makes no sense(1 from 6 if you count the 2 buildings). According to my wife, there are 3 stalls in the ladies side, where we have 1 and 2 urinals….Not to be crass, but for guy, almost any tree can be a urinal in a pinch….not so true of when you need to go #2. Now I hear how rates are going up because the park budgets are not enough and I wonder why the money was spent at all.

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