Aurora over Devil’s Lake

Aurora over Devil’s Lake

The Aurora Borealis put on quite a show last evening over a big chunk of the Northland including Devil’s Lake State Park.  We watched the show from the sidewalk along Devil’s Lake’s south shore along with a few other folks who got out to watch the northern lights rise over the bluffs.

The Aurora is caused by when energized particles are carried from the sun by solar winds and slam into our atmosphere.Their charged particles, mainly electrons and protons, cause ionization within the atmosphere and produce energy as light. Auroras are seen most commonly in the far north or south near the poles, but occasionally if the solar storm is strong enough we get to see them here in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Aurora over Sauk Prairie

Watching the Aurora over the Baraboo Hills from the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area.

There is a slight chance that you might still find some color in the skies tonight as the aurora tapers off throughout daylight hours today but odds don’t look too good.  That said, there is always another show just around the corner.  If you want to keep an eye on forecasts,  I use the Aurora Borealis Forecast Website (and follow them on Twitter).

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